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Pulickals Kingly Heaven Hill Resort

Pulickals Kingly Heaven Hill Resort

The building housing the Resort is said to be built in 1929 at a height of
3,000 feet (900 Meters) above sea level by the King planter of Kerala, the great late J.J Murphy. Protected by generations of ‘Pulickals’, generous, noble and wealthy nature lovers, the structure is still strong and dwell – worthy. Sprawling atop a mild hill set in primordial splendour, bluish green and misty, the century minus old building needs no air-conditioning even in severe summer.

Built and maintained in the traditional Kerala style, the place has high degree of cleanness and has most modern European water closets & the works. Apart from the huge bedrooms, the Resort has dining halls, T.V rooms, drawing rooms, wide verandah, spacious courtyard and splendid service and tight security. The large natural spring water pool is another star attraction to be beaten only by its treetop cottage called a ‘tribal sky hut’. Food served here would satisfy any connoisseur. Chinese, North Indian, South Indian and Kerala style food are all specialties of the Resort, including Kappa& Karimeen and Kerala’s famous ‘Sadhya on Banana Leaves’.

* Take a invigorating walk around the resort. There could be few things more delightful than a walk on a full-moon night.
* Go ahead and have a shower in the rain if that’s your idea of fun or be content to witness some magnificent thunder and lightning during the monsoon showers.
* Melodious birds entertain you unceasingly, but if you’d like to create your own music, choose from the Sitar, Tabala and Veena.
* Adventurous trekking routes along an altitude of 3000 feet (900 Meter).
* Enchanting environ of hill with streams, and water falls.
* Campfire, music and moonlight dinner. Telescopic scenario from mountain cliffs, Tents, Tree Cottages are an added attraction.
* Discover the oldworld charms of plantation of British Culture, The wellknown Planter John Joseph Murphy’s Tomb is situated near the Resort.
* Efficient service of experienced local guides.
* Ethnic food blending with the nature. Comfortable climate all, through the year.
* Approved by the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala. And members of Homestay Network.
* Totally Eco-friendly.

100 US Dollars per room per day of 24 Hours OR
300 US Dollars for collective occupation of all the four Rooms at a time.
Food & Beverages will be charged extra.
* Right of Admission Reserved