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Harvest Fresh Farm

India is a country, perhaps one of the very few countries, where ancient knowledge and wisdom still lives on in the hearts and beliefs of people.

From the ancient art of ayurveda to the hospitable custom of Adithi Devo Bhava, our country is a wonderful web of centuries old rituals. This is why when one thinks of India, the first image that comes to mind is that of beautiful green farms, laden with the richness of nature and the purity of earth. One wants to walk in such farms endlessly or sit under a tree looking at the sky for hours, refreshing the soul and the ethics. If you have been looking for a place like that in India for all your life now, I am pleased to tell you that your search is over.

Nestled in the tranquil and composed Cumbum Valley of the awe-inspiring state of Tamil Nadu is the Harvest Fresh Farms. The Certified organic farms seem like a little piece of paradise, which fell from the heaven or was sent by the Almighty himself to impersonate his celestial lands. With the cloud clad mountains of the Cumbum valley looking down at it, farms of fruits like pomegranates, papaya, grapes and mango giving it life and around 150 herbs blooming in its gardens, the farms have kept alive the ages old aesthetic Indian belief of a simple and organic living. A stay in the farms will leave your mind, body and soul rejuvenated like never before.


The Harvest Fresh Farm is located in the lap of the Cumbum Valley at the Lower Camp, around 12km from Thekkady in Tamil Nadu.

Making the people and the nature healthy!

In a world obsessed with technology and machines for fast results, Harvest Fresh Farm is a responsible initiative that believes in improving the health of both the people and the environment, by brilliantly combining the ethics of science and tradition. The farm has very precisely achieved the status of a certified organic farm and it constantly works to live up to the accomplishment. Everything about the farm is purely organic. The farm boosts of orchards laden with fruits like pomegranate, papaya, mango and grapes. The farm grows the produce that it uses in its kitchens, and the remnants waste from the kitchens goes into making bio gas to meet the energy demands of the farm. The manure used in the farms is produced from cow dung and urine, and the farm produces traditional manures like jeevamritham and panchagavya. The composting yards of the farm produces compost from garden waste, coir pith, and other organic wastes.

This level of responsibility and the efforts applied to maintain the organic standard of the farm has won it recognition and certification from INDOCERT, an internationally recognised certification body.

The farm has also been accredited by National Accreditation Body of the Government of India.The farm is indeed the purest you can find in organic farming in India. The farm plays a significant role in the promotion of agri-tourism. By providing farm stays it makes people realize the importance of organic living, but also give them a memorable holiday in the midst of the mesmerizing Cumbum valley.

Live Organic!

The Harvest Fresh Farms offers farm stays with a vision to bring people closer to organic living. The mesmerizing beauty of the farm will leave you merry and at peace with yourself. After a stay to the farm, you will see the world in a completely new manner, and with a whole new perception. You will realize the importance of little things nature has to offer and how everything in nature has something to give us. A stay at Harvest Fresh Farms will surely make for the most amazing of holidays, spent in the lap of the most serene manifestations and the wisdom of nature.

Suites in the farm are simple but comfortable, lightly but beautifully furnished to maintain the organic aura of the farm. They offer facilities like air condition, 24 hours hot water supply, power back up, TV, housekeeping, living room, kitchenette, dining room, fridge, board games and a library shelf. Your stay is sure to be a memorable one with the number of fun filled activities organised by the authorities of the farm just for you. Walk around the farm or ride in a bullock cart with a guide to help you know about the plants growing in the farm and the methods used to grow them. Roam around the fruit orchards, ride on a bicycle in and around the farm or learn about the art of making honey the apiary. Learn the about powers and wonders of herbal plants in the herbal garden of the farm. If you are an animal lover you will be rejoiced like never before, for the farm is home to beautiful cattle, rare species of poultry birds and adorable rabbits. Visit the animals in their mangers and feed them to make some furry friends.

The farm has a watchtower which promises the most breathtaking view of the Cumbum valley. Trek to the end of the farm to the tower for unforgettable experience and put your DSLR to some nice use. And then have a picnic of the freshest produce of the farm when you get down from the tower, watching the clouds play with the mountains. Have a nutritious and nourishing meal set just for you at the end of the farm, with the mountains taking care of your privacy! And still the best- sit by the streams in the farm and read a book from the farm’s library!

Come, See and Cherish!

Harvest Fresh Farm is just a 15 minutes drive from Thekkady, so if you live nearby or are visiting the valley and found yourself in the vicinity, take a day trip to the farm. The hospitability of the farm takes care of everything in the farm and you will be welcomed with a freshly squeezed juice of a fruit produced in the farm. A bullock cart will take you around the farm with an English speaking guide to let you witness the wonderful world of organic farming. Tour around the fruit orchards, apiary, livestock rearing farm, herbal garden and the composting yard, and learn the secrets that make Harvest Fresh Farm so pure and wholesome. Climb up the watch tower for the most incredible view of the valley and then have a meal of the local cuisine prepared from the freshly picked supplies of the farm. You will cherish every moment you spend on the farm with your family, amidst the calm and peace of the valley. After you have gathered innumerable precious memory from your visit, a vehicle will drop you back to the Lower Camp

How to reach

By Air

The nearest airports are Madurai at 140km and Cochin at 190km. These airports are well connected to all parts of the country. Fly to either of these two cities and then hire a cab to Thekkady, which is a 15 minutes drive to Harvest Fresh Farm.

By Rail

The nearest railhead is Kottayam at 114km. You can travel to Kottayam and then hire a cab to Thekkady, and then Harvest Fresh Farm. By Road Thekkady is well connected to the major cities of Tamil Nadu like Cochin, Madurai, Kottayam, Munnar and Trivandrum via state and national highways. Buses are run by the Kerala State Road Corporation from these cities to Thekkady. You can also hire a private cab to Thekkady.

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