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Ramapuram, a beautiful and quite village is located 15 km from Pala town on the main road to Koothattukulam. Ramapuram has carved its own niche in the cultural history of Kerala. This small village was the birth place of Ramapurathu Warrier, the profounder of Vanchipattu. It was here where Lalithambika Anthrajanam the renowned Malayalam novelist lived. Ramapuram also is blessed with its old church and its famous missionaries-paramekkal Thoma Kathanar and Daivadasan Thevarparambil Kunjachan.

Temples: The word ‘Ramapuram’ means ‘the abode of Lord Rama’. True to its name the village has its Chief deity Lord Sreerama. Ramapuram is unique in the sense that it houses the temples of Rama as well as his three brothers in its vicinity in a radius of just three kms- Lord Bharata at Amanakara, Lakshmana at Kedapuiam and Sathrughna at Methiri.

Natural Splendors
Kurinji Koomban- Located 5 km from Ramapuram is this circular hill which has abundant caves. Nearby this hill is the Vellamneekipara waterfalls. There is motorable road to foot hills and is an adventurer’s paradise.
Kuruvankunnu- Located 5km from Ramapuram it is situated to the east of Kurinji koomban. The place has water available even in summers. The place is prone to avalanches.
Mayiladumpara- Located in Nedumala there are two huge rocks at this site spread over 4-5 acres.
Parunthanmala- It is the highest point in the region called Kozhimala located 4km west of Ramapuram through rubber estates.
Fathimagiri-This is lesser in height but is a serene place and is an excellent picnic spot.