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Elaveezhapoonchira  Walk in the rain clouds
Skirting the Kottayam district are beautiful valleys of Elaveezhalpoonchira, spread over thousands of acres in Melukavu village. The pristine beauty of nature is preserved almost intact here in the imposing mountain ranges with rocky cliffs. The verdant landscape is punctuated by five gigantic hills viz. Vindhyan medu, Hidumbanmedu Mankallumudi, Kolanimudi and Mukalanthumudi each rising to around 3200 ft. Elaveezhapoonchira means valley where leaves don’t fall and is named so because the place has no trees. Perhaps this may be the only spot in Kerala from where one can see the beautiful phenomenon of sunrise and sunset in the same spot. The vast horizon gives a panoramic view of the surrounding five districts. During the monsoons when the valley fills up to form a scenic lake, this place unveils another beautiful slice of nature. The panoramic view of the Malankara dam just below the hill is an exquisite site for the visitors.

Attractions in Poonchira: The different elevations of the mountain ranges with contrasting shapes give this hill station a dramatic and distinctive outline of great scenic splendor. Just below the hill, there is a small perennial pond like water body called Elaveezhapoonchira. Three tribal settlements and four natural caves provide significance to this mystic land. The great Pandavas were said to have lived incognito in this land during their exile and hence these caves are called “Pandavart Guha!’. Another peculiar feature is the presence of two Muniyanas nearby the pond. Lusitrourt growth of medicinal plants gives another added attraction to this area. Another exotic feature is the Nilayara which is a cave located in Mukalanthanmudi, one kilometer from the Poonchira. The cave itself is a wonder as far as a tourist is concerned. About 20 people can stand at a time inside the cave. A small perennial stream is flowing from the inner mouth of the cave.

Kannadipara: As the name suggests, the valley of this rocky mountain reflects the morning sun with a mirror like perfection. This is also the highest point in Elaveezhapoonchira. Three km from here is the Pazhakakanam Plateau nourished by the Kadapuzha River. Bamboo groves, meadows and wild flowers make this place exotic. An added attraction here is the Kazhukankulimali Waterfalls that playfully cascade down the mountain and greet the river below with a magnificent splash. On the eastern side of Kannadipara is a natural fort set admidst steep rocks.

Mankallu Mudikal: The three hills in this region lie close to each other, their flat hilltops covered with lush grasslands. An aerial view of these resembles a traditional clay oven. With no trees around, the hilltops give you the feeling that you are walking in the clouds.

Kalani Mudi: This peak in the Elaveezhapoonchira mountain range also, has a cave.